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Does Posteo offer mailing lists?

Yes, we also offer mailing lists – in test mode. We can set these up for you upon request.

A list takes the format “”.

Simply choose a “listname” and email us at

For the time being, mailing lists are free, because they are still in beta phase. They work, but we are still not fully satisfied with the administrative software. When this changes, we will integrate mailing lists in the website’s interface. We expect one mailing list per account will be free, with additional lists incurring a small extra charge. Any lists set up during the beta phase will then also incur the same costs, where there is more than one per account.

Please note, because we are in test phase, we reserve the right to refuse to set up a mailing list or to end operation of an existing mailing list – if, for example, the number of recipients for a list is too large.