NEWS 14.09.2021

227 environmental activists killed worldwide in 2020

In 2020, more environmental activists than ever before were killed for their work. Indigenous peoples are particularly at risk.

Illegally felled trees in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil

NEWS 30.08.2021

USA: ATLAS software can cause expatriation

In the U.S., federal software checks whether people should be expatriated. Civil rights activists warn of discrimination.

USCIS-Lettering with Flag

NEWS 18.08.2021

Data theft: T-Mobile US confirms IT attack

The mobile phone provider T-Mobile US has been the victim of an IT attack. The company is investigating the incident.


NEWS 13.08.2021

UN World Climate Report: 1.5 degrees is nearly out of reach

In its new report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change documents how global warming is changing the world. This is happening much faster than previously assumed.


NEWS 06.08.2021

New law threatens freedom of expression in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan wants to crack down on misinformation on the internet with a new law. Human Rights Watch fears it could lead to state censorship.

Parliament building in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

NEWS 29.07.2021

Aluminium in the car industry causes human rights violations

Human rights violations and environmental destruction occur in the aluminium supply chains of the car industry. NGOs are demanding more diligence from manufacturers.


NEWS 21.07.2021

Smartphones of journalists and opposition members spied on worldwide

Journalists and human rights activists worldwide are alleged to have been spied on with the Pegasus spy software. Non-governmental organisations are calling for a moratorium on the export of surveillance technology.

Pegasus infests Smartphones

NEWS 14.07.2021

Hong Kong: Google, Facebook & Co. threaten to withdraw

International internet corporations are warning Hong Kong not to further restrict freedom of expression. As a last resort, they would withdraw from the region.

Hong Kong

NEWS 01.07.2021

22 newspapers worldwide forced to close in the past few years

Last week, the pro-opposition newspaper Apple Daily in Hong Kong was forced to shut down. Reporters Without Borders now reminds us of numerous other media outlets that have been silenced over the past five years.

Apple Daily's last issue

NEWS 23.06.2021

EU data protection authorities call for ban on facial recognition in public spaces

Data protection authorities warn of the "end of anonymity" through artificial intelligence used for the automated recognition of people. Facial recognition and other biometric techniques should be banned in public spaces.