NEWS 18.06.2024

Ransomware attack could impact London hospitals for months to come

Medical services at London hospitals continue to be limited as a result of an IT security breech. Hospitals elsewhere in the UK are also affected.

Exterior view of St Thomas' Hospital with ambulance

NEWS 13.06.2024

Google Maps to start saving location data locally

Location data collected by Google Maps will no longer be stored on the company's servers. US civil liberties advocates see this as an important step towards protecting the data from sweeping government search warrants.

Dialog for activating Timeline

NEWS 07.06.2024

London hospitals cancel operations after ransomware cyber attack

A ransomware cyber attack affected medical care at hospitals. Operations were also cancelled.

Vehicles in front of the Royal Brompton Hospital

NEWS 06.06.2024

Facial recognition software falsely identified two people in the United Kingdom as criminals. Now the victims are taking legal action in an effort to stop the use of the technology.

London police van equipped with facial recognition

NEWS 05.06.2024

Journalists in exile targeted with Pegasus spyware

Several activists and journalists living in exile in the EU were victims of spyware attacks. The attacks date back to 2020.

NSO Group website on a smartphone with the company's logo in the background

NEWS 31.05.2024

Executions at a new all-time high in 2023

This past year, the number of registered executions worldwide has risen, reports Amnesty International. In particular, more people were killed in Iran. However, China executed the most worldwide.

Sign with writing Amnesty International

NEWS 23.05.2024

More internet shutdowns in 2023 than ever before

More than 280 internet shutdowns were imposed worldwide in 2023, as documented by the NGO Access Now. The situation has never been this bad before.

Network cable

NEWS 16.05.2024

Germany: Federal police used mugshots to test facial recognition, report says

Germany's federal police reportedly used millions of facial photos from an internal databank to test facial recognition systems. Experts cast doubt on the legality of the tests.

Bundeskriminalamt logo with Bundesadler

NEWS 16.05.2024

Amnesty uncovers spyware exports to Indonesia

Companies from Europe, Israel, and Southeast Asia have been selling spyware to Indonesia for years. A new report shows which companies and authorities are involved - and reveals the lack of transparency surrounding the sales.

Pegasus symbol image

NEWS 16.05.2024

EU Agency warns of hazardous health conditions driven by climate change

Floods and droughts show the effects of climate change in Europe. They lead to poorer water quality and are accompanied by disease, warns the European Environment Agency.