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Can I personalise the calendar with a customised display?

Yes. In the account settings under “Settings” > “Preferences” > “Calendar”, you can change the following display options:

  • If you have multiple calendars, you can specify under “Default view” which calendars are shown. You can also decide whether you would like the daily, weekly or monthly calendar as standard.
  • Via “Timeslots per hour” you can choose how many units one hour displays as.
  • Through “Event duration” you can set a default length that newly created appointments should have.
  • With “First weekday”, you can select which day your weekly view should begin with.
  • Using “Workdays”, you can mark which days are work days for you.
  • If you place a tick next to “Show birthdays”, your address book contacts’ birthdays will be shown in your calendar, if you have added this information for them in the address book.