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How do I create a new calendar entry?

Generating a new entry for an event or appointment

If you would like to create a new calendar entry, please click in the calendar on the day (and, if applicable, the time) for which you would like to create the appointment.

A box will appear in which the following information can be entered:

  • Summary: Please give the event/appointment a title (e.g. “Dentist”).
  • Start: Select a start time.
  • End: If applicable, select an end time.
  • Description: If required, enter a description for the event.
  • Location: List the location of the event, if required.
  • Category: Allocate the entry to a category, if you would like to. For example, “Arbeit” (Work) or “Privat” (Private). Tip: In the settings of your account you can add your own customised calendar categories.

If you now click “Save”, your appointment is saved and has been generated.