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With which email providers will my emails be sent/received over an encrypted connection?

Nowadays, email servers mostly transfer data over an encrypted connection. In fact, unencrypted emails are securely transferred using transport route encryption. The encryption occurs with the respective provider – automatically in the background. No further action is required by you or your communications partner.

Transport route encryption is now supported by most email providers.

In the following table, you can see a list of selected providers that also support DANE protocol in addition to standard transport route encryption. DANE eliminates various weak spots of the widely used transport route encryption SSL/TLS - and as a result increases security during the encrypted transport of emails.

Arcor Yes No
AOL Yes No Yes Yes
Comcast/Xfinity   Yes Yes
Freenet Yes Yes
Gmail Yes No Yes Yes
Microsoft 365 Yes Yes (Sending to Posteo)*
O2 Yes No Yes No
Riseup Yes Yes
T-Online Yes No
Vodafone Yes No Yes Yes
Yahoo Yes No

*According to Microsoft, DANE support for receiving emails is planned.

As of June 2023

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