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An email did not arrive. What now?

Firstly, it is very unlikely that an email that is not spam fails to arrive. In the rare event that it happens, the sender receives a message, in any case. The failure-rate of our spam filter is very low.

If the sending server is unknown to us, the email may arrive after a delay. First, we block all emails from unknown servers by (so-called) greylisting. The sending server generally tries again after a short time; we then take the email and note the server for future reference. We do this because spammers only rarely send an email twice. This blocks most spam.

Other reasons for non-received emails may be:

  • The sending server did not successfully send the email.
  • The sender did not enter your email address correctly.
  • If you are waiting for a reply, you may have sent the email with an identity or an alias that is not correctly configured, such that nobody can answer emails from this particular sender.
  • The email was classified as spam and the sender did not see the error email explaining that the message was not delivered.

Please make yourself known via if an email has gone missing and this article does not help you locate it.