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How do I create an event reminder?

You can receive email notifications to remind you of upcoming events. In this help article you will learn how you can create a reminder in the webmail calendar.

How to create an event reminder in Posteo webmail

  1. Open your Posteo Calendar.
  2. Click on the event that you would like to be reminded of.

By clicking on the event, it will open in an edit window from the calendar view.

  1. Open Reminders.
  2. Select Enable reminder.
  3. Select when you would like to receive a reminder for the event
    Notice: a reminder will only be sent for the first entry in a recurring event.
  4. Confirm by clicking on Save.

That’s it! You have created a reminder and will receive a reminder notification via email at the desired time.

Sending reminders to a Posteo email alias

The reminder will automatically be sent to the email address that has been set as the default sender identity. If you would like to receive the reminder at an alias address instead, select it from the Mail to drop-down menu.

Is the desired email alias not listed? If not, then first create a sender identity for your alias address as described in this help article.

Tips & troubleshooting

I deleted a calendar entry but still received a reminder. Why?

Receiving event reminders via email is a feature within Posteo webmail. If you synchronise your Posteo calendar with your devices and delete or edit a calendar event there, the calendar reminder will not be updated. You will still receive an email reminder at the time that was originally entered. In order to adjust or delete also the reminder, edit or delete the event within Posteo webmail.

Can I receive reminders on my smartphone?

You can also receive reminders on your smartphone. To do so, create or edit the event with your external calendar program and activate the reminder there. The notification will not be displayed in Posteo webmail.

You can learn how to synchronise your Posteo calendar with your devices by reading this help article.

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