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How do I purchase a Posteo gift voucher?

You can bring pleasure to others using a Posteo gift voucher. You can also use one to add credit to your partner’s or childrens’ accounts, or to help out friends who may have a limited knowledge of computers.

To generate a voucher, click on “Settings” and then “Vouchers”.

Vouchers can be generated for a specific email account or without connection to any account. Vouchers without connection to an account are intended for people interested in Posteo or people whose Posteo address you do not know.

When you create a voucher for a specific user, the recipient will receive an email with a link, so the voucher can be used with just one click. If you like, you can attach a personalised message to the email.

If you purchase a voucher without connection to any account, you receive an email with a voucher code. You can send this to the recipient, for example, in a greeting card or a personal email. Using the code, the recipient can either open a new Posteo account or add credit to an existing account.