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I forgot my password. What now?

If you access your emails using an email program, your password might be saved there. The following help articles explain how to retrieve your password from a program:

As a Posteo webmail user you can display your password in the settings of your browser, if you have saved your username and password in the browser.

If you have not saved your password and do not use an email program but have activated the forgotten password feature in the Settings, you can request a new password to be sent in a text message (SMS) or via email to an alternative email address here. Please note the warnings below.

You haven’t activated the “forgotten password” feature and are also unable to retrieve your password through other methods? If this is the case, please contact customer support. We will attempt to help you. Please remember to supply an alternative contact method.

Special cases and warnings

If you have activated Posteo crypto mail storage, you can not use the “forgotten password” feature. Please contact our customer support.

Your email aliases will remain unchanged after a password reset and continue to work. In the settings, however, they will possibly be displayed encrypted.

If encryption of the address book and calendar is activated, a password reset will result in the loss of your contacts and calendar entries. You have the possibility to restore this data in the settings of your account if you remember your old password.