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How do I set up Posteo in Outlook XP or Outlook 2003?

Please note: In the case of Outlook XP and Outlook 2003, the software is no longer supported by the manufacturer Microsoft. Therefore, depending on the operating system (e.g. Windows XP), these Outlook versions cannot establish a connection to Posteo.

How to set up Posteo in Outlook XP or Outlook 2003

  • To set up your Posteo email address in Outlook, click on “Extras”, and then “Email accounts” in the Outlook menu.
  • Select “Add new account” and for the server type, select “IMAP”.
  • In the following window, enter your name and email address. Please enter “” in the server fields for IMAP and SMTP.
  • In the field “Sign up information”, enter your complete Posteo email address as the username and your password.
  • Next, click “Advanced settings” then on “Outgoing mail server” and place a tick next to “Outgoing mail server requires authentication”.
  • To finish, click “Advanced” and confirm with a tick that the IMAP and SMTP servers require an encrypted connection (SSL).
  • Confirm all windows with “OK” and click “Complete”.

Problems sending emails while incoming emails are arriving

If there are problems sending emails but retrieving them is possible, the problem could be caused by a telecom router you are using. We provide more information on this in a blog post (in German).