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How do I set up the synchronisation of calendar entries with an Android calendar?

Android does not offer support for calendar synchronisation with “CalDAV standard” (which we use). With the help of the following third-party apps it is possible to do this.

Please be aware of the potential errors, special cases and tips that we mention below.

Apps that we have tested for synchronising calendar entries

Bug/Error: Android 4.1 and some Samsung devices

In Android 4.1 and some Samsung devices there is a bug, which leads to the loss of all synchronised calendars after restarting your Android device. The maker of the apps we have recommended also offers additional apps that overcome this error. We have provided links to these apps in the respective articles. The additional apps must be manually installed in Android 4.1. Please be sure to back up your Android calendar data as a precaution.

Tip: Birthday calendar

In the Android calendar there is, by default, no way to show the birthdays of contacts from your address book. There is a third-party app (requiring purchase) called “Birthday Calendar Adapter” which allows just this. The app is also available through the alternative app store F-Droid for free.

Tip: Multiple calendars

If you set up multiple calendars in Posteo, they will not automatically synchronise. If you are using CalDAV Sync, you can select calendars that were later added in the app settings. With the DAVDroid app you need to close CalDAV and set it up anew. Under the new setup, all calendars can then be selected.