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How does encryption of the address book and calendar work?

If you would like to encrypt the data in your address book and calendar using your password, you can do this by clicking the button titled “Activate encryption of the address book and calendar” found in the settings under “Encryption”. From then on, your data is encrypted and not viewable by third parties or by us. We use highly secure AES encryption for this, directly in our database.

The encryption works without the user needing to do anything special, whether you use Posteo webmail or synchronise your data with different devices. Whenever you access your data (from the address book or calendar) it is decrypted with your password (just for you) at the moment of access.

If you make a change to the data (e.g. to a contact or appointment), it will be decrypted (or once again encrypted) with your password at the moment the change occurs.

You can deactivate the encryption at any time in the settings under “Encryption”, if you decide you don’t want to use it any more.

Beware! When you activate encryption, if you then forget your password, you will lose access to your address book and calendar. Resetting your password will not help: your data remains encrypted with your old password. There is also no way for us to retrieve the encrypted data for you. In these circumstances, there is simply no way to access your data – unless you can remember your old password and enter it correctly in the “Encryption” section, that is.