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How do I activate dark mode for my account?

You can activate dark mode for your account at Posteo. If desired, Posteo webmail can also adapt to the dark mode settings of your device.

In this help article you will learn how to activate dark mode.

Table of contents

Video introduction: Colors and dark mode

Posteo web app: Activate Dark Mode

How to activate dark mode

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Open the tab Preferences.
  3. Click on User Interface.
  1. Activate the option dark mode.

That's it! You have activated dark mode. You can set the font color in dark mode by the selecting a color. In the picture you can see Posteo webmail in the color yellow, on the left in standard mode and on the right with the dark mode activated:

Dark modes in comparison.

How to use dark mode setting on your device

With auto dark mode, Posteo always adapts to the dark mode settings of your device. To activate automatic dark mode, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Open the tab Preferences.
  3. Click on User Interface.
  1. Activate theauto dark mode option.

That's it! Posteo will now automatically adjust based on the settings activated on your device. On the computer (left) dark mode is not activated. On the smartphone, it is:

On most devices, you can then switch between a light and dark mode at any time with just one touch - or, for example, even arrange for an automatic mode change at sunrise and sunset.

Instructions for different devices can be found on the help pages of the manufacturers:

Notes and troubleshooting

Despite using auto dark mode, Posteo webmail does not adapt to my device. Why?

Some browsers do not adjust light or dark mode according to the selected device settings. In this case, in the browser settings, specify that the browser should automatically follow the device settings.

Why are some emails brightly displayed even in dark mode?

In HTML emails, the background color is set by the sender of the email. The background color remains the same even if you activate dark mode. Many newsletters and other HTML emails therefore still have a light background even when dark mode is activated. However, more and more newsletter senders already comply with dark mode settings of the respective recipients. If you are bothered by a light newsletter, feel free to contact the sender and ask for an adjustment.

How can I change the font size in dark mode?

The font size in dark mode corresponds with the color and contrast level that has been selected for the interface design. You can change the color and contrast level in Settings via -> Preferences -> User Interface -> Interface skin.

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