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How do I create an email signature?

Would you like to send some specific text at the end of your emails, such as contact information, for example? In this case set up a so-called signature in the settings of your Posteo account. A signature can be automatically attached to every email or just some of your emails.

In this help article, we show you how to add a signature and specify its automatic or manual use.

How to create a signature to be added to individual emails

Click Settings and then proceed as follows:

  1. Click Identities
  2. In the menu (on the left), click the sender address for which you would like to create a signature
  3. In the Signature field, enter your desired signature
  4. Click Save

You can add a signature in the "Identities" menu for each of your identities

How to add your signature in an email

When writing an email, you can add the signature by clicking the Signature tab in the menu.

Click "Signature" to insert your signature.

How to create a signature to be automatically added to all emails

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Preferences
  3. Click Composing Messages
  4. Under Signature Options, select from the dropdown menu for Automatically add signature whether you would like to add your signature always, for new messages only or for replies and forwards only
  5. Click Save

Change "Automatically add signature" in the "Composing Messages" preferences to automatically add your signature to all emails.

Can I add additional signatures?

Yes – to do this, create additional sender identities in the settings of your account under “Identities”. Before sending an email, you can then select which signature will be used via the dropdown in the “From” field.

Can I change the size or colour of the text in my signature?

Yes – place a tick next to HTML signature when creating your signature.

You will then see a series of buttons with which you can change the text size, colour and font as well as things like making the text bold and specifying its alignment.

By checking "HTML signature" you can change the style of your signature.

Important: If you wish to use HTML signatures, set your email editor permanently to HTML in the settings, so that your signature will display correctly.


Identities – and therefore also signatures – are individually encrypted at Posteo using your password. If you reset your password, you will need to add your identities and signatures once again in the settings of your account.

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