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How do I change my password?

In this help article, we explain how to change your Posteo password.

When changing, make sure to choose a secure password. A password should not consist of real, existing words. In addition, it must be at least eight characters long. You also need to use at least one capital letter and at least one numeral or symbol.

How to change your password

  1. In the webmail interface, click Settings
  2. Click My account then Password and security
  3. Under Change password, enter your previous password and your new password (twice)
  4. Confirm the change of password by clicking Save

In the settings, enter your old password, then twice enter your new password

Questions and answers

Do I need to deactivate two-factor authentication before changing the password?

Two-factor authentication introduces a second security hurdle in which a second, “one-time” password is calculated every 30 seconds, independent of your password. Changing your password occurs independently of the two-factor authentication. Deactivation is therefore not necessary.

Can I change my password while encryption of the calendar and address book is activated?

Yes. Our system encrypts your calendar and address book using a randomly-generated key that is encrypted with your Posteo password. When a password change is made, this is decrypted and then encrypted with your new password.

Can I change my password if crypto mail storage is activated?

Yes. You can still change your password in the settings as usual. The key to your data is then protected with your new password.


When you change your password, you lose access on all devices connected with the Posteo account. You will then need to enter the new password on all devices. This also applies for services that synchronise with your address book or calendar.

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