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How do I delete my public key from the Posteo server?

In this help article we explain how to delete your public OpenPGP or S/MIME key from our servers without trace.

Deactivating services

If you wish to remove your public key from the Posteo server, first deactivate all services that access your key:

Deleting a public key

If no Posteo services are accessing your public key, you can delete it from the server:

  1. In the webmail interface, click Settings
  2. Click My account
  3. Click PGP and S/MIME encryption
  4. Under "Key administration and Posteo key directory", click the delete key link
Click "Delete key" to remove your public key form the Posteo server

You have just successfully deleted the key from our server and can now upload a new key for the Posteo key directory or inbound encryption.


Your public key is immediately and permanently deleted from our servers.

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