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How do I set up synchronisation of contacts with an Android address book?

Android does not offer support for address book sync with CardDAV Standard (which we use). With the help of the following third-party apps it is possible to do this.

Before installing, please make yourself aware of the following possible errors and special cases regarding older versions of Android, which we mention below.

Apps that we have tested for synchronising contacts with the address book:

Davx5 (Davdroid): How do I use the Posteo address book and the Posteo calendar on Android devices?

Bug/Error: Android 4.1 and some Samsung devices

In Android 4.1 there is a bug, which leads to the loss of all synchronised contacts after restarting your Android device. The maker of the apps mentioned here also offers additional apps that overcome this error. We have provided links to these apps in the respective articles. The additional apps must be installed in Android 4.1. Please be sure to backup your Android contacts as a precaution.

Bug/Error: Some HTC devices with Sense surface

With some HTC devices (that have Sense surface) it is not possible to edit contacts with the standard contact app. The background to this can be found here and here.

Restrictions: Android 2.3–3.0

All versions of Android before Android 4.0 have a bug in the address book, which hinders editing of contacts that are synchronised with CardDAV. You will require the Contacts Editor free app in order to edit your contacts.

If, after installing, you would like to add or edit a contact, you will be asked whether you would like to do it with “Contacts” or with “Contact Editor Free”. Choose “Contact Editor Free” and place a tick next to the option to do this as standard.

After Android 4.0 (ICS), “Contacts Editor” is no longer necessary; Google fixed the bug in the address book.