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How do I activate the Posteo spam log?

Activate your spam log: If an email is classified as spam and rejected by our server, you will receive a notification via email in real-time.

How to activate the Posteo spam log

  1. First, log in to in your Posteo mailbox.
  2. Open Settings.
  3. Select My account.
  4. Open the menu itemSpam options.
  1. Confirm by clicking the button Activate spam log.

That's it! You have activated the Posteo spam log. You now have a new folder with the name Spam-log in your mailbox. From now on, you will find all notifications about rejected spam emails in this folder. If you use an email client and the new Spam-log folder is not appearing, restart your client.

If you activate the Posteo spam log, you will additionally be informed via email about each rejected email. The spam log records email senders with the time as well as the subject of spam email, if available, in real-time. You can continue to work without a spam folder and potentially dangerous spam emails that are sent to your mailbox will continue to be blocked. You can, however, find a record of rejected emails at any time in the Spam-log folder. Should you suspect that an email was incorrectly rejected, you can know immediately with certainty by checking the log. This allows you to have complete control while having potentially dangerous contents rejected.

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