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How do I log in to my account?

Would you like to access your Posteo account in a browser? In this help article, we explain how to log in to your account in Firefox, Chrome, or another browser.

Logging in to Posteo

  1. Open the site in your browser
  2. In the "Email" field, enter your Posteo email address
  3. Click the "Password" field and enter your Posteo password
  4. Click Log In

If the entries are correct, you will be automatically redirected to your email acccount.

At "", enter your Posteo email address and password and click "Log in".

Tip: Save electricity with the ECO switch

With the ECO switch, you can activate a simplified login site. Loading is then quicker and uses less energy.

How to activate the simplified homepage:

  1. On the Posteo homepage, click ECO switch (Show login only)

Activate the simplified homepage by clicking "ECO switch: Show login only".

You have now activated the simplified login. When loading, the simple login will open from now on.

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