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How do I set up synchronisation of calendar entries from other calendars in other programs or devices?

Synchronisation works across all devices that support CalDAV standard.

In order to set this up, you will need the following details:

Port: 8443

Encryption: SSL (compulsory)

Username: Your Posteo address

Password: Your Posteo password 

Some programs require a detailed URL in place of the server name:
(please replace john.example with the part of your Posteo address up to the @ symbol – make sure to use lower case throughout).
If you use multiple calendars you can see the URL of each respective calendar via “Settings” > “Calendar”, in Posteo webmail.

For the following programs and devices we have prepared specific instructions:
Android (only possible with a third-party app which requires purchase)
Windows Phone 8
Outlook (only possible with a third-party app which requires purchase)

For Windows Phone 7x, Symbian and WebOS, we are not currently aware of any functioning support of CalDAV standard. Please contact the manufacturer of such devices and let them know you are not satisfied with this.