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How do I rename a group in the address book?

In this help article, you will learn how to rename a group in your address book.

How to change the name of an address book group in Posteo webmail

  1. Open your Address book.
  2. Select the Address book group that you would like to rename.

Tip: You can also rename a group by right-clicking it and selecting Rename group.

  1. Click on the cogwheel on the bottom left.
  2. Select Rename group.

Select the group in the address book that you would like to rename. Click on the cog and select "Rename group".

  1. In the input field of the group, enter the new name.
  2. Confirm the change with the Enter key.

Enter the new name and confirm it by pressing the enter key.

Done. You have renamed the address book group.

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