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How do I set up Posteo in Thunderbird?

Automatic setup

Thunderbird’s setup assistant (versions 31 and onwards) can automatically find the required settings on our server. You just need to enter your Posteo email address and password in the setup assistant. You can, however, choose whether you would like to synchronise your emails with IMAP or retrieve them with POP3. We recommend synchronisation with IMAP.

Alias addresses

You can also use your aliases in Thunderbird, insofar as you can add them as so-called “Identities”. In Thunderbird, go to the settings of your Posteo account: In the menu, click “Extras”, then “Account settings” and choose your Posteo address from the section on the left. You then have an option on the right to click on “Additional identities”. Click on “Add”, enter your desired sender name and an alias as “Email address”. Optionally, you can choose to fill in the other fields and add, for example, a signature.

When writing a new email, you can choose in the “From” field (right above the entry field for the recipient) whether you would like to send from your main address or as an alias.

Synchronising your address book

To synchronise your Thunderbird address book with our webmail address book, please follow these instructions.

Synchronising your calendar

To transfer the Lightning calendar from Thunderbird to our webmail calendar, please follow these instructions.

Manual setup

Manual setup of Thunderbird is described here.