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How do I synchronise my Posteo address book with other programs or devices?

You can synchronise your address book with all programs or devices that support CardDAV standard.

To sync, you will generally need the following details:
Port: 8843
Encryption: SSL (compulsory)
Username: Your Posteo address
Password: Your Posteo password

Tip: As an alternative to using your complete Posteo address, you can also use just the first part of the address up to the @ symbol as the user name.
Some programs ask for a URL (instead of specifying the server):
(change john.example to your own address up to the @ symbol, make sure to use lower case throughout)

In our help pages you can find setup instructions for the following devices:

Outlook (only possible with a third-party program which requires purchase)

For Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Windows Phone 7x, Windows 8, Symbian and WebOS, we do not currently know of any functioning support of CardDAV standard. Please contact the relevant manufacturer and let them know you are not satisfied with this.

It should also work with Blackberry, though we have not performed any tests.

Address book groups

Address book groups in the webmail interface can not yet be synchronised with the help of CardDAV. You could, however, separately create your address book groups on a device that supports CardDAV and once again allocate your contacts there.