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How do I publish the public PGP key for my Posteo email address in the Posteo key directory?

This help article explains how to share the public OpenPGP key for your Posteo address with other people via the Posteo key directory.

Sending the public key to Posteo

  1. First, export your public OpenPGP key as a file.
    We explain how to do this in our help articles for Enigmail and Mailvelope.
  2. Click Settings in the webmail interface
  3. Click My account
  4. Click PGP and S/MIME encryption
  5. Under Key administration click the email address shown, with format, to open a new email
    Alternatively, copy the address and paste it in to your preferred email program

Send your public key to the email-address shown in the "PGP- and S/MIME-encryption"-menu.

  1. Send the public key (exported in step 1) as an email attachment to this address.
    Tip: With some email programs, you can automatically attach your public key to an email.

Your public key is automatically published and stored in the Posteo DNS directory.

Why did I receive an error message?

If you receive an error message, your key does not conform to the Posteo criteria for public keys. In this case, correct the error shown in the message:

Examplatory error message if there was no key found in the email.

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