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What is an email alias?

An alias is an additional email address that can be added in your Posteo account settings. You can add as many as 20 alias addresses. The first two alias addresses are free. Each additional address costs an extra 0.10 EUR per month and address. Emails sent to your alias addresses will be automatically delivered to your inbox.

What are alias addresses used for?

Alias addresses allow you to communicate using various identities. You can decide yourself who to share your “real” Posteo address with, and who not to. This reduces the risk that spammers, criminals or data-peddlers attain your real email address.

Alias addresses also allow you to use different addresses for different purposes. You could, for example, use a different address to communicate with your employer than to communicate with your friends. You can easily manage communication with various addresses in your Posteo email account.

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