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How do I empty the Deleted Items folder?

If you delete an email in Posteo webmail, you will find the emails in the Deleted Items folder afterwards. Posteo does not automatically delete emails stored in the trash. However, you can empty your trash on your own.

This help article explains how to empty the trash and permanently delete the emails in it.

How to empty the trash

  1. Open the trash by clicking on the Deleted Items folder.
  2. In Posteo webmail, click on the cogwheel
  3. located in the bottom-left.
  4. Select Empty.

Click the cog at the bottom to empty the trash.

  1. Confirm that you want to delete your emails permanently by clicking OK.

Click "OK" and confirm to delete the trash.

Tip: You can also empty the trash by right-clicking the Deleted Items folder and then selecting Empty.

Data privacy notice

Emails that have been deleted from the trash are permanently deleted from your email account immediately after they have been deleted. However, we create security backups of all accounts once a day. We keep these for 7 days – then the respective data backup is permanently deleted. After 7 days at the latest, data deleted from the trash will be permanently deleted from our servers.

If you have accidentally deleted emails from the trash, we can usually restore the data for you using the backups. The only requirement is that the deleted data must have been present in your account at least during one of the last seven backup times. In this case, you must contact us within 7 days after the accidental deletion. After this period, the data will be completely and irretrievably deleted from our servers. You can find out how to request a backup here.

Exception: If your crypto mail storage is activated, we do not have access to your data. In this case, we can no longer restore your data from our backups.

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