Reset password

Have you forgotten your password? No problem. If you have previously added a mobile phone number, you can easily reset your password.

Enter your Posteo email address here as well as the mobile phone number you previously added. You will receive a new password straight away by SMS.

If you use an email program to access your emails and the password is saved there, we explain in our help section how you can retrieve your password in some cases.

If you have not perviously added a mobile phone number and can not retrieve your password any other way, please contact our support.
Please remember to provide an alternative email address, as you will not be able to read a reply to your Posteo address without your password.


Important information

"For security reasons, Posteo encrypts aliases addresses using your password. Following a password reset, they continue to work without restriction, but will no longer be viewable in the settings. After resetting your password, re-enter your alias addresses in the settings. They will then be encrypted using your new password and once again become viewable. If you have activated address book and calendar encryption, your existing contacts and calendar entries will not be viewable after a password reset. You can make them viewable once again in the settings if you remember your old password."