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Without entering the corresponding password, you cannot authorize yourself as an account holder. For security reasons, Posteo does not store personal data. Therefore, such data cannot be used to verify the termination authorization.

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Regardless of which type of termination is selected, a reason is not required - even for an extraordinary termination with immediate effect.

Please save all data (emails, addresses, calendar entries) that you need before the . All data stored by us will be completely and permanently deleted from our servers on the date specified.

Important notice

Your account will be permanently deleted 14 days after your desired date of termination () on the . Up until this date, you can still log in and continue to use your account as usual.

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Refunds can take up to 14 days to be processed.

Important notice

Why do we need you to provide us with your bank account information? We do not connect payment data with email accounts - even if you recently paid, we do not know which payment corresponds to your email account. We have anonymised all payments

Privacy notice: the data that you provide us in this termination form (name, bank account or PayPal address) will be deleted from our system once the email account has been deleted. Payments must remain in our accounting for commercial law and tax purposes, albeit without any connection to an email account.

We have already received a valid termination. You can terminate the account again to apply a new reason for the termination.

You will receive an email confirmation after submitting this termination that will inform you again that you have terminated the account on and all remaining data will be deleted on .

Remaining credit will be refunded after receiving the termination if you have designated as such above.

Any data you need to back up must be saved by .

Thank you for submitting your request to terminate the account on at

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