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Sustainable, secure and ad-free.

"Email, address book, calendar and notes: On this page we list all the features that you receive for 1 EUR per month. Posteo is all about maximum privacy, comprehensive sustainability and innovative encryption. Get to know us!"

Address book

Managing your contacts is effortless with our webmail address book. You can use the address book on all devices as well as encrypting it with your password.
  • Contacts
    Save email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, birthdays and many other details in the address book.
  • Encryption
    You can centrally encrypt your Posteo address book (with AES) and thereby use it securely on all devices. It is encrypted with your password – then even we have no access to your data.
  • Address book on multiple devices
    Contacts can be synchronised with most smartphones, tablets and PCs using CardDAV standard.
  • Migration
    For selected email services (AOL, GMX, Hotmail, iCloud, Office 365,, WEB.DE und Yahoo!) you can transfer your address book to Posteo at the click of a button. For other providers, address books can be imported as a vCard or csv file.
  • Groups
    You can arrange your contacts into groups.
  • Photos
    Each contact can be viewed with a photo.


Conveniently manage your appointments with our webmail calendar. You can synchronise your calendar entries with many devices and programs using CalDAV and encrypt with your password.
  • Calendar on multiple devices
    Calendar entries can be synchronised with most smartphones, tablets and PCs using CalDAV standard.
  • Migration
    Your previous calendar can be imported as an .ics file.
  • Birthdays
    The Posteo calendar can display the birthdays of the contacts in your address book, if you so desire.
  • Share the calendar
    Share your calendar with others or view their calendars. This does not work if you have activated encryption.
  • Encryption
    You can centrally encrypt your Posteo calendar (with AES) and thereby use it securely on all devices. It is encrypted with your password – then even we have no access to your data.
  • Merge external calendars
    In our webmail calendar, you can merge up to five external calendar feeds.
  • Reminders
    Receive reminders for your appointments.


Posteo is all about sustainability. We work with 100% green energy from Green Planet Energy. Our commitment to using more efficient hardware and recycled paper is self-evident, as is our bank account with GLS Bank.
  • 100% green energy from Green Planet Energy:
    Posteo is 100% operated with power from Green Planet Energy. This applies not only for our servers, but also for all of our office space.
  • Finance:
    Posteo does business sustainably. We are free of debts and loans. There are no investors. Posteo has only one source of funds – the fees paid by its users. This allows us to work independently and with privacy orientation.
  • Social responsibility as an employer:
    Posteo engages its employees with permanent contracts. To make work and family more compatible, we allow flexible work hours and various part time options.
  • Free, organic-vegetarian lunch:
    Posteo offers its employees a daily, organic-vegetarian lunch. The costs for this (including our own chef) are completely covered by the company.
  • No flights:
    To protect the climate, Posteo does not use flights whatsoever for its business.
  • Additional holidays for train trips:
    Posteo offers all employees additional holidays for using climate-friendly train trips instead of flying during private holiday trips.
  • Business accounts with socially-aware GLS Bank
    GLS Bank uses the money exclusively to finance ecological and socially-meaningful projects.
  • Savings with Umweltbank
    Our savings are invested with the Umweltbank. The bank uses these funds to support environmental projects.
  • Energy-efficient hardware:
    We use energy efficient hardware both in the office and for our servers.
  • Optimised server sizes:
    Our systems are custom-sized for our needs and grow with us.
  • Office and Posteo Lab:
    Both our office and the lab are set up in line with sustainability criteria (FSC wood, recycled paper and furniture).
  • Free bicycle repair:
    Posteo employees can have their bike repaired by a mechanic free of charge.
  • Donations:
    We regularly donate to NGOs active in the fields of environment and privacy, among others. Our donation activity is published on our "Donations" page.
  • Efficient programming:
    We’re prudent with resources through optimised design of data-intensive processes.

Privacy and encryption

Our concern is to protect your personal information, not to sell it to the highest bidder from the advertising industry. For this reason, we offer anonymous accounts and do not collect your data.
  • Anonymous signup:
    You do not have to enter any personal information during signup (such as your name or address).
  • Data-efficiency:
    We do not collect user data, nor do we possess traffic data (such as IP addresses) connected to any accounts. Processes and functions are always conceived with the principle of data-efficiency.
  • Anonymous payment:
    All of our payment methods are anonymised using a payment system developed by Posteo. We do not link payment information with email accounts.
  • TLS-encrypted access:
    Accessing your data fundamentally occurs with encryption. (TLS with PFS for IMAP, POP3, webmail, CardDAV and CalDAV).
  • TLS-encrypted transmission:
    Protects emails and metadata during transmission, as long as the other email server also supports it (TLS with PFS).
  • TLS-sending guarantee
    This security feature protects you from sending emails to insecure systems. If you activate the TLS-sending guarantee, we will only send your email if it can be sent to the recipient over an encrypted connection. Otherwise, the email will not be sent and you will receive a notification from us.
  • Encrypted hard disks:
    Our servers’ hard disks are AES encrypted, to prohibit data-theft and unauthorised access.
  • Crypto mail storage:
    Encrypts all saved email data (content, attachments and metadata) at the click of a button.
  • Calendar and address book with encryption:
    The calendar and address book can be encrypted with your password, if desired. In this case only you have access to your data.
  • Inbound encryption with S/MIME or OpenPGP:
    With our inbound encryption, you can encrypt all newly-arriving emails with your public S/MIME or OpenPGP key.
  • Set up of alias addresses
    You can set up aliases – additional email addresses for your account. This means you can use different addresses for different purposes. Alias addresses are individually encrypted at Posteo using your password, to protect your privacy.
  • No data trade or circulation:
    No data trade or circulation (unless required by law)
  • Daily backups:
    We undertake daily backups of all accounts and retain these for seven days.
  • Automatic notification of deletion:
    Users often delete emails by mistake. To protect you from data loss, Posteo notifies you by email when a large number of emails have been deleted from your account. That way, you can request a backup in time, if necessary.
  • IP stripping:
    Emails that you send using our webmail interface or via email programs contain neither your local nor your public IP address.
  • Highly efficient spam and virus filter
  • Servers located in a highly secure German data centre
  • No use of tracking tools
  • Website does not save IPs
  • Two-factor authentication (TOTP)
    Additionally secure your Posteo account using our two-factor authentication. The feature can be set up on all devices with the help of free apps (e.g. on smartphones, tablets, desktops and on special hardware such as a YubiKey).
  • S/MIME certificates at Posteo
    S/MIME is a globally-used standard for end-to-end email encryption. An S/MIME certificate also verifies the authenticity of an email address and the contents of an email. In your Posteo account settings, you can easily create S/MIME certificates. S/MIME certificates are signed by an official certification authority (Certum) and are displayed as trustworthy in email clients. The certificates have a validity of one year and cost 365 cents.


We receive no funding from advertising and are 100% ad-free:
You will receive no advertisements from us and we are not interested in selling or possessing your personal details.
  • Ad-free webmail:
    Posteo webmail is ad-free. We send you no advertising emails or advertising newsletters whatsoever.
  • Ad-free website:
    Our web presence is also completely ad-free. We do not use any tracking tools.
  • No advertising partners:
    Our service is not financed by advertising. This means we are not dependent on advertisers and can operate sustainably and independently.
  • Highly efficient spam and virus filter:
    Our spam filter keeps your account free of advertising.


Email is a matter of trust. If you have any questions or problems, we're happy to personally help you.
  • Free and personal support
    We're happy to help if you have any questions or problems. Our support team is available via email on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (GMT). We strive to answer all incoming questions within one working day.
  • Answers to technical questions with a personal touch
    At Posteo, people respond to your inquiries. We do not use bots. All members of our support team have long-standing, permanent employment contracts. As a result, they offer comprehensive expertise from years of experience. Our team is trained to answer questions in an accessible way so that even computer novices can understand.
  • Comprehensive and practical help-pages
    The editorial team of our help section is also a part of the support team. Because of this, the articles found in our help section offer solutions to everyday questions and problems that may arise. These articles are updated on a regular basis. For example, when new versions of email clients or plug-ins are released.
  • Multilingual support, multilingual editorial staff
    We have native German, English and French speakers in our support team to help international customers with questions and problems. Help articles, web pages and blog entries are translated in-house by our foreign language editorial team into English and French.
  • Assistance with problems from external programs and local environments
    Our customers utilise a variety of programs, operating systems and browsers in their local environments to use Posteo. Our support team can help solve problems associated with most email clients and apps. Our experienced team can also help identify the cause of problems in a local environment.
  • Encryption explained
    If you would like to use end-to-end encryption and have questions about it, our support is happy to help and offer suggestions.
  • Maximum privacy with customer interaction
    Our support works without a ticket system. We do not track your inquiries and do not create customer profiles about you. Once a case is closed, all correspondence is deleted without a trace after two weeks.
  • How to reach us
    You can contact support by using our contact form or by sending an email to Our help pages can be found at


Here you can find information on prices,
payment options, termination and vouchers.
  • Prices:
    Credit is added to your account in advance. Monthly fees for the services you are using are deducted from this amount. If your balance gets low, you will be reminded to add credit.

    Posteo account including all features described: 1 EUR per month.
    Additional storage: 0.25 EUR per GB per month
    Additional alias addresses: 0.10 EUR per month (two are included)
    Additional calendars: 0.10 EUR per month (three are included)
    optional S/MIME certificate: 3.65 EUR (1 year validity)

  • Payment:
    You can pay by PayPal, bank transfer, credit card or in cash. Personal information that we receive in connection with bank transfers, PayPal and credit card payments is not linked to your account. With Posteo, your payment is always, therefore, anonymous.
  • Vouchers:
    You can transfer some of your credit to a voucher, to give to others. Vouchers can be used, for example, to add credit to family members’ accounts.
  • Termination (monthly):
    No unnecessary contracts – you can terminate effective within the month: termination requires 14 days’ notice. Payment occurs in advance (prepaid). If you terminate, we can refund your remaining credit or donate it to an NGO.

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