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How do I set up Posteo in Mail for Apple Mac OS X?

This help article explains how to set up your Posteo email account as an IMAP account in Mail for Mac OS X.

After setup, Apple “Mail” synchronises your emails with the Posteo webmail interface. When you read an email on the Mac, it will also be marked as “read” in the webmail interface or on another device such as your iPhone. With Apple “Mail”, you can also access your email archive offline.

These instructions are for the version 10.12 (Sierra) of Mac OS X.

Setting up Posteo in Apple Mail

If you have not added an iCloud account in your Mac’s setup, please skip directly to step 5 of these instructions. Otherwise, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Apple Mail menu, click Mail
  2. Open the Settings
  3. Open the Accounts tab
  4. Click the plus symbol (at the bottom left)

Open the Mail settings and add a new account using the plus sign.

Next, follow the instructions shown in the dialogue box:

  1. Select Other email account…
  2. Click Continue

Check "Other Mail Account" and continue.

  1. Enter your name, your Posteo email address and your Posteo password
  2. Click Sign in

Enter your name, Posteo-email address and -password to sign in.

  1. In the Username field, enter your Posteo email address
  2. Under Account type, leave the setting as IMAP
  3. For both the Incoming mail server and Outgoing mail server, enter
  4. Confirm your entries by clicking Sign in

Enter your Posteo-mail-address as username, IMAP as account type and "" as the mail server to sign in.

  1. If you would also like to synchronise your notes with Posteo, place a tick next to the Apple app “Notes”
  2. Complete the setup by clicking Finished

Place a tick at "Notes" if you want to sync your Posteo-Notes. Click "Done" to finish the setup.

Using Posteo email aliases in Apple Mail

An email alias is an additional receiving address for your Posteo account and does not have its own password. You can set up the alias address as a sender in Apple Mail by adding the alias to your account. We explain how to set up such a sender identity in Apple Mail here.

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