"On this page we lay out the organisations we have made donations to within the last year."

Donation Activity

Donations by Posteo in 2015

Total donations made by Posteo:
24,350.00 EUR
Of which, voluntary donations made by Posteo:
22,957.30 EUR
Of which, donations from terminations (remaining credit):
1,392.70 EUR

It is important to us to encourage social engagement and to take responsibility as a company. We therefore support selected charitable organisations in the areas of environment, internet politics and freedom of opinion, as well as refugee aid.

On this page we outline the organisations to which we have made donations in the past year (here 2015).

Altogether, our donations for the year 2015 totalled 24,350 EUR.

The total donated comes from both voluntary donations by Posteo and from the remaining credit of terminated email accounts whose holders decided to donate rather than receiving a refund.

Organisations supported

Posteo donated to the following organisations during 2015:

UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe Reporter ohne Grenzen - Für Informationsfreiheit BUND - Friends of the Earth Germany Recherche LAB

In addition to these donations, Posteo also sponsored:

TAZ Panterstiftung