Frequently asked questions

The questions found on this page are those often asked by prospective users before opening an account. Users who already have a Posteo account can find answers to more questions in the help section.
Frequently asked questions
  • Can I use Posteo with my own domains?

    No. We are an email provider with a particular, privacy-oriented model – and this is not compatible with incorporating own domains. One of our emphases is data economy: we do not collect any user information (names, addresses, etc) of our customers. We always answer requests from authorities for user information in the negative. On the other hand, own domains need to be registered to the name and address of a person. If you were able to use own domains with us, this would affect the entire concept of Posteo: we would need to start saving user information for all customers who use their own domains with us – and to provide these to the Federal Network Agency to be provided on request to the authorities.
    Even if only the MX record pointed to us, we would still need to store the assignment of the domain in your Posteo account as user information. Thus we would possess your user information and be required to give it out. For this reason, we have decided not to offer this possibility and instead to use data economy. We certainly understand that having your own domain is very important in the commercial industries, but from our privacy-oriented perspective, the disadvantages prevail. It is, however, possible to add various other email addresses with external domains as senders in the webmail interface and thereby to send emails with Posteo using external domains. In order to be able to read replies to these messages, you need to set up forwarding to Posteo for the external address.

  • Is Posteo affected by the reintroduction of data retention in Germany?

    No, Posteo is not affected by data retention. You don't need to be concerned about the privacy of your Posteo emails. The law on the reintroduction of data retention ("Gesetz zur Einführung einer Speicherpflicht und einer Höchstspeicherfrist für Verkehrsdaten") completely excludes email providers. The entire area of email is excepted from retention.
    In short, Posteo is not one of the affected parties. At Posteo, therefore, it remains the case that no data is retained.

  • Can I bring emails and mailboxes across from my previous email service to Posteo?

    Yes, this is possible. Because we did not want to employ or recommend any third parties to transfer your sensitive email data, we developed our own solution. With the Posteo migration service, you can transfer up to three external email accounts across to Posteo, including their folder structures. You can decide whether to copy the entire contents of your previous email account or selected folders only.
    You can also decide yourself whether you would like to permanently delete the emails from your previous provider after migration. The Posteo migration service is free of charge – and you retain control over your data: At no point are your emails transferred via a third party. The selected folders are collected from your previous provider by Posteo and transferred directly to your Posteo account over an encrypted connection. After migration, you can also set up a "change of address order": our email collector will retrieve newly-arriving emails from your previous accounts every ten minutes.

  • Does Posteo also offer web space?

    No, we don’t offer webspace and unfortunately, we can’t recommend any third-party offering in terms of both security and sustainability.

  • Is there a trial account?

    There is no trial account as such, but you can try out Posteo for 14 days by opening a new account. The most important functions of your account are already available to you. To protect you and other internet users from spam and misuse, however, we need to apply some restrictions to new, unpaid accounts. Further information on the restrictions for new, unpaid accounts can be found in our help section. If you do not wish to keep your account, you can simply terminate it yourself, in the settings. If you have already added credit, this will be fully refunded to you.

  • Does Posteo offer cloud storage?

    No, we do not offer cloud storage space.

  • Does Posteo offer other Posteo domains such as, or

    With Posteo, your main address always has a .net ending. For alias addresses (two of which are included with each account) you can choose from many Posteo domains. A list of all available domains can be found in our help section.
    If you would like an ending which is not listed, let us know via

  • What do I do if I need more storage space?

    You can always adjust your amount of storage space in the settings of your account. Each additional gigabyte costs an extra 0.25 EUR per month.
    For example, if your account is 4 GB in size, it costs 1.50 EUR per month. You can always reduce the size of your account later if you no longer need the extra space.

  • What happens if I do not add credit in time?

    You do not need to worry that your account or emails will be deleted if your credit reaches zero. In principle, we do not delete any data, if an account is not formally terminated (by the user or by Posteo).
    If your credit goes negative, our system regularly sends you reminder emails. About 10 weeks after an account's credit runs out, our system will block an account’s ability to send emails. Once credit is added, the restriction on sending is removed.

  • Does Posteo offer fax or SMS services?

    No, we can’t offer fax or SMS services. For us as a telecommunications provider, other legal commitments would arise if we were to offer this. We would need to start saving our customers' personal information – and we do not wish to do this for privacy reasons. We will therefore certainly not be offering this service in the future. We are concentrating on providing the most secure and sustainable email communication for our customers, following the principle of data reduction and with maximum privacy.

  • Is there a spam folder?

    No, with Posteo there is no spam folder. This was a conscious decision we made. It has advantages for our users. Messages that are not spam can end up in spam folders, where they remain unattended to. The sender thinks that the emails were delivered and read, which often leads to problems.
    With Posteo, there are only delivered or rejected emails.
    Our spam filter conducts checks against various criteria in the process of receiving an email. If an email is classified as spam, it will not even arrive. The sending server can not deliver the email and informs the sender of this.
    The sender can either ignore the reason for classification as spam or try to contact you via a different method. In any case, they receive a notification to say that the email could not be delivered. This process ensures that no email goes missing.

  • When was Posteo established?

    Posteo was established in 2009.

  • Is there a conversation view, like with Gmail?

    Yes, our webmail has conversation view. You can choose between conversation and list view. You can find more information about this in our help section.

  • Could we have a free account for our initiative or club?

    We receive requests for free accounts from clubs, initiatives and projects every week. We can not offer any free accounts.
    Many not-for-profit organisations, clubs and initiatives have accounts and mailing lists with us, and all of them pay for our services, even though using a Posteo address also constitutes a little "advertising" for us, and many of these groups fall within our target audience.
    We think it is important that good, sustainable products are paid for in order to release qualitatively valuable content on the internet from the grip of the advertising industry. Our sustainable offering is tailored, and tightly calculated. We don’t have any room to play with discounts and promotions.
    We provide email services with high requirements in terms of sustainability, security and privacy and are completely ad-free. The costs of providing such a service are enormous and because we do not want any advertising whatsoever, operating the service is only possible with paying users. Free accounts also require storage space, administration and support. We appreciate your understanding.

  • How come Posteo isn’t free? You could take on eco-friendly ads.

    We want to work independently and offer a quality product that does not require the use of tracking. The protection of your email data should not be affected by the interests of the advertising industry. For us, offering a free service that relies on the benevolence of advertisers has nothing to do with sustainable business. We find the culture of free products on the internet financed by the advertising industry alarming, for reasons to do with privacy and informational self-determination.
    We believe that it is important that good, sustainable products are paid for in order to release qualitatively valuable content on the internet from the grip of the advertising industry.

  • Do you offer support by telephone?

    We have decided to offer our customers free support by email, to quickly help with questions and problems. We do not offer support by telephone.

  • How can Posteo be anonymous, when I’m paying by bank transfer or PayPal?

    Credit is always added to your Posteo account anonymously – regardless of whether you pay by bank transfer, PayPal, credit card or in cash. We do not attach the data we receive with payments to the email accounts. We developed our own system for this in 2009, with which all payment processes are anonymised.
    The payment system is the core of our concept of data reduction, above all, because we keep payment information strictly separate from our customers' email accounts, we do not attach any user information to the accounts – and can thereby ensure the fundamentally anonymous use of our email service. You can find out in detail how the anonymisation of payment processes occurs at Posteo on our payment info page.

  • Can I use whitelists and blacklists with Posteo?

    Yes. You can set up a filter in Posteo webmail that deletes, rejects or sorts unwanted emails.
    It’s also possible to create a whitelist. This is generally not necessary, because our spam filter is very good at deciding what is spam and what isn’t.

  • Will I receive a message when my credit runs out?

    Yes. Our system regularly sends automatic reminder emails when your account’s credit runs low or runs out.

  • Who can guarantee me that Posteo will still exist in ten years?

    There is no need to worry that Posteo might cease to exist. Posteo is not a classical startup and we operate sustainably. Posteo is completely self-funded and debt-free. Posteo is funded solely by its customers' monthly fees. We are therefore independent from advertisers and investors.
    Posteo exists since 2009 and has been an independent company since 2013. We founded Posteo in order to provide an impetus for greater sustainability and security in the internet – and for the long term. We are not about selling off the company to investors.

  • Is your organisation debt-free?

    Yes. Posteo is free of both debts and loans. We do business sustainably. Posteo is financed by user payments and is not dependent on advertisers.

  • Do you also offer mailing lists?

    Yes, we do offer mailing lists, which we set up on request for you, for free.
    The mailing lists take the format “”
    Please decide on a “list name” and email it to
    Mailing lists are currently free, because they are still in beta phase. They work – but we are not yet fully satisfied with the admin software. When this changes, lists will become accessible via the Posteo webmail interface.
    We expect one list to be free with each account, with additional lists incurring a small extra charge. Lists set up during the beta phase will also become chargeable, if more than one list is set up in an account.