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Migration service now includes address book

Created at 16.November 2015, 18:00 | Category: Info

Dear Posteo users and interested parties,

Moving to Posteo just became even easier. With the Posteo migration service, you can now transfer more than just your existing email accounts (including folder structures) to Posteo at the click of a button.

From now on, the migration service also transfers your previous address book from most large providers to Posteo. You can conveniently transfer your contacts to Posteo without requiring any special technical knowledge.

Because we do not use any third-party solutions at Posteo for the transfer of your personal data, we have developed individual solutions for the secure transfer of your data from each of the providers listed. In particular, your contacts’ sensitive data (e.g. name, address and phone numbers) are not transferred via a third party at any point. The data is collected by Posteo directly from your previous provider and transferred to your Posteo address book via an encrypted connection.

Posteo address book migration is available for the following providers:

Microsoft services such as, Hotmail, Office 365

The migration service is found in the settings of your Posteo account under “My account”.

You can decide yourself whether you would like to permanently delete your email and address book data from your previous provider.

The Posteo migration service is free of charge. It was developed in line with our principle of maximum data economy. Thus, for example, we do not save the email address from which you have transferred data to Posteo.

Tip: After migration you can individually encrypt all data you have saved with Posteo. Available for this purpose are Posteo’s address book and calendar encryption and Posteo crypto mail storage (for your email data). For both features you do not require any special technical knowledge; the encryption occurs at the click of a button. These encryption features are found in the settings of your account under “Encryption”.

Best regards,

The Posteo team