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New Posteo migration service

Created at 21.May 2015, 17:00 | Category: Info

Dear Posteo users and interested parties,

Migrating your previous email accounts to Posteo just got easier: as of today, the new Posteo migration service is available to you, with which you can bring your previous accounts (including their folder structures) across to your Posteo account.

Many of you desired an ability to transfer folder structures without needing any particular technical knowledge.

For security reasons, we did not want to employ or recommend any third parties to transfer your sensitive email data; we therefore developed our own solution for secure and convenient migration to Posteo.

The new migration service can now be found in the settings of your Posteo account (via “My account”).

You can now completely copy up to three external email accounts across to Posteo.

You do not require any special technical knowledge: when you set up a new migration service in the settings of your Posteo account, it will display the folders in your previous account. Conveniently, you can then decide which folders you would like to copy to Posteo with a click of the mouse. Our migration service will then transfer all selected folders across to your Posteo account.

You can decide yourself whether you would like to permanently delete the emails from your previous provider. The Posteo migration service is free of charge – and you retain control over your data:
At no point are your emails transferred via a third party.
The selected folders are collected from your previous provider by Posteo and transferred directly to your Posteo account over an encrypted connection.
We have designed the Posteo migration service in line with our policy of maximum data economy: we do not, for example, save information such as which email address the data is copied to your Posteo account from.

Best regards,

The Posteo team