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Transparency notice: Our donations for 2016

Created at 14.September 2017, 18:15 | Category: Blog

Dear Posteo users and interested parties,

In the name of transparency we have now updated our donation page, where we document the organisations that we financially supported during the previous year (2016).

It is important to us to encourage social engagement and to take responsibility as a company. We therefore support selected charitable organisations in the areas of environment and climate protection, internet politics and freedom of opinion, as well as refugee aid.

During last year, Posteo donated a total of 29.600,00 EUR. Of this, 28.002,00 EUR constituted voluntary donations by Posteo. The remaining 1.598,00 EUR came from users’ remaining credit.

Compared to the year before we were able to increase our donations by 5,250.00 EUR for 2016.

As per the previous year, recipients of Posteo donations included Reporters Without Borders, UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe, Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND) and

A new addition is a German Red Cross project in the Amazon, where 1.3 million people are acutely threatened by the increase in extreme weather events due to climate change. The project sees houses set up on raised platforms with secure architecture. In addition, blankets and hygiene kits are distributed and a health service set up. The project sustainably contributes to ensuring the existence of people affected by climate change.

In addition, we support the European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) since 2016. The ECCHR lawyers’ aim is to hold state and non-state actors legally accountable for grave human rights abuses. Among others, the ECCHR was founded in 2007 by human rights lawyer Wolfgang Kaleck, who represented whistleblower Edward Snowden in Germany.

Posteo does business sustainably and is independent. Our service is financed by our customers’ account fees alone. There are no investors or advertising partners at Posteo.

You are therefore what makes our engagement possible – you make a difference, for which we thank you very much.

All recipients of Posteo donations can be found on our donations page.

Best regards,

The Posteo team