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Transparency notice: Our donations for 2017

Created at 12.July 2018, 15:05 | Category: Blog

Dear Posteo customers and interested parties,

In the name of transparency we have updated our donations page, where we document the organisations that we financially supported during the previous year (2017).

During last year, Posteo donated a total of 34,600.00 EUR. Of this, 33,022.05 EUR constituted voluntary donations by Posteo. The remaining 1,577.95 EUR came from users that donated remaining credit when terminating their account.
In comparison with the previous year, we were able to increase our donations in 2017 by 5,000 EUR.

It is important to us that we encourage social engagement and take responsibility as a company.
Because of this, we donate to selected charitable organisations in the areas of environment and climate protection, internet politics and freedom of opinion, as well as refugee aid.

Posteo donated to the following organisations in 2017:

Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND) is one of the largest German environmental organisations. Throughout Germany there are more than 2,000 voluntary BUND groups engaged with regional environmental topics. BUND is also engaged with climate protection, ecological agriculture and protection of threatened species, forests and water. BUND is the German member of the international environmental network, “Friends of the Earth”.

German Red Cross (DRK):
The German Red Cross (DRK) is one of the largest German help organisations. The DRK is active worldwide and can be present anywhere in the world in co-operation with partner organisations. In the face of the threat of climate change, the DRK has realised multiple projects along with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support people internationally who suffer from the effects of climate change. Our donations go towards a project in the Amazon in Peru, where 1.3 million people are acutely threatened by the increase in extreme weather events due to climate change. The donations are used to set up houses with secure architecture on raised platforms. In addition, blankets and hygiene kits are distributed and a health service set up.

The European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) is engaged with legal measure for human rights. The ECCHR lawyers’ aim is to hold state and non-state actors legally accountable for grave human rights abuses. Among others, the ECCHR was founded in 2007 by human rights lawyer Wolfgang Kaleck, who represents whistleblower Edward Snowden in Germany. is a journalistic platform for digital freedom rights and presents the most important debates and developments on the topic of the internet. The platform documents how politics is changing the internet and society through regulation and the continued expansion of surveillance laws. With its work, wants to encourage people to become engaged for their digital freedom rights and an open society.

Reporters Without Borders:
Reporters Without Borders engages itself worldwide for freedom of the press and freedom of information. The organisation documents violations against freedom of the press and supports journalists that are in danger. Reporters Without Borders combats censorship and restrictive media laws.

UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe is the German offshoot of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). It ensures the survival of refugees in acute crisis situations with life-saving emergency measures. UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe thus provides for sufficient supplies of water, food and medicines in refugee camps or regions that are hard to access, for example.

In addition to these donations, Posteo also sponsored taz.panterstiftung.

Posteo does business sustainably and is independent. Our service is financed entirely by our customers’ account fees. There are no investors or advertising partners at Posteo.
You are what makes our involvement in these projects possible. We thank you very much for helping to make a difference.

Best regards,
The Posteo team