About us

"Dear Posteo users, On this page you can discover more about Posteo's background and our motivation for bringing an email service into the world. We hope you enjoy learning about us."

About us

Posteo Team

Posteo is an independent email provider based in Berlin. We offer anonymous and sustainable email accounts, address books and calendars. Our service is completely ad-free and self-financed. Posteo was founded in 2009. We want to provide an impetus for greater security, privacy and sustainability on the internet, and offer alternatives.

Posteo is for all who have had enough of companies that collect data, inboxes polluted with advertising and all-pervasive surveillance on the internet. It’s also for those who find it important to act sustainably in terms of both ecology and economics. Our concern is to protect your personal information, not to sell it to the highest bidder from the advertising industry. For this reason, we do not collect your personal information, do not use tracking tools and make daily back-ups. Posteo is equipped with an innovative encryption concept. We always encrypt your data with the newest technologies – and promote wider use of open standards. We actively support digital civil liberties: In May 2014, Posteo became the first German telecommunications service to publish a transparency report.
Privacy page >> | Encryption info page >>

Posteo has a comprehensive concept of sustainability. We work using real green energy from Green Planet Energy, not (so-called) “certified energy” from old hydro-electric stations, which other providers term green energy. The use of efficient hardware and recycled paper is self-evident for us, as is our bank account with GLS Bank. Sustainability page >>

Since the NSA scandal became public, our service has often been recommended in the media and evaluated by various computing magazines. Press reviews >>


We want to be a good employer: Posteo solely uses permanent full time contracts. We pay appropriate wages and do not demand overtime. Our employees can design their own work hours with flexibility. At Posteo, there is also a daily, free, organic-vegetarian lunch.

Posteo support employees
Posteo support employees
Posteo developers
Posteo developers

Our support team helps with all questions and problems via email (free). We attempt to repond to all enquiries within one working day. Contact form >>

Our developers are continually working on technical innovations, for example, new encryption options. Posteo uses open standards and open software only.
We publish our important developments, to strengthen the open source community. Github >>

Patrik Löhr Patrik Löhr is the director and founder of Posteo.
Patrik heads the administration and development teams.
Sabrina Löhr Sabrina Löhr is a founder of Posteo. Sabrina directs public relations, editorial
and design.
Dean Ceulic Dean Ceulic oversees public relations and marketing, and represents us regarding politics and other organisations.

Posteo Campus

Posteo is located at the former Schultheiss brewery in Berlin’s Kreuzberg. Our offices, the Posteo Lab and our canteen are located here. All of our premises are set up sustainably and supplied with green energy from Green Planet Energy. More information can be found on our sustainability page >>.


Our offices are well-lit and set up for functionality. All of our desks are custom made from FSC wood. Shelves and cabinets are from Werkhaus. Each purchase is checked for its environmental credentials.

Posteo work space
Posteo founders in the office
We use green energy from Green Planet Energy
We use FSC-approved wood


Each day, we offer our employees a free, organic-vegetarian lunch, for which Posteo employs its own cook. Drinks, fruit and sweets are also available to the Posteo team at no cost.

Lunch at Posteo
Lunch at Posteo
Lunch at Posteo


The Posteo Lab is a meeting and event space in Berlin’s Kreuzberg. In the lab, you can try out Posteo, add credit and take part in individual encryption training . In addition, there are sustainable products such as the Fairphone and Fair Mouse on display. The lab itself is also sustainably set up.

We regularly open the space for lectures, functions, training and cultural events. Information on current events can be found in our events calendar.

Long table in the Posteo Lab
Participants at an event in the Posteo Lab
Participants and speakers in the Posteo Lab

We make the lab available to external organisations free of charge. The events should fit with Posteo and themes relevant to Posteo. Interested parties can contact us by email: veranstaltungen(at)posteo(dot)de.

How to find us:

Posteo Lab
Methfesselstrasse 36
10965 Berlin (Kreuzberg)
(Site of former Schultheiss brewery)

Public transport: U6 Platz der Luftbrücke


Posteo lab located in Openstreetmap

The region

The site of the old Schultheiss brewery is the highest natural point in inner-city Berlin: the hill known as Kreuzberg. The brewery joins with Viktoria Park, from where you can see out over the city. A short way down the street is a plaque to mark the place where Konrad Zuse built the "Zuse Z3" – the first digital computer in the world.

Plaque for the first functioning computer in the world: ZUSE Z3 near Posteo
Posteo is located at the site of a former brewery in Kreuzberg
The view from the highest point at Kreuzberg


Our servers are located in data centres in three German cities – Frankfurt, Bielefeld and Berlin. They are powered with 100% energy from Green Planet Energy. All Posteo servers exclusively use open source software, for security reasons. The hard drives are fully encrypted using LUKS – and all connections between our servers are encrypted. Further information can be found on our sustainability page and our encryption info page.

Linux mascot
RIPE Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC) logo
Green Planet Energy logo

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