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Email encryption in your browser with Mailvelope

Created at 10.October 2014, 18:47 | Category: Blog

Dear Posteo users,

A few days ago, a new version of the encryption add-on Mailvelope (available for Firefox and Chrome) was released. The new version is preconfigured to work with Posteo.

Using the add-on, it is now possible to easily encrypt the content of emails using OpenPGP within the Posteo webmail interface. You can also sign your emails, but attachments can not be encrypted using the add-on. Mailvelope is especially interesting for all who prefer to use the Posteo webmail interface and who would like to secure their emails with end-to-end encryption. Mailvelope is open source: The program code for the add-on is visible and based on open standards.

In the Posteo help section “Webmail”, you can find instructions on how to install the add-on in Firefox or Chrome and how encryption using Mailvelope works. Other browsers such as Safari or Internet Explorer do not yet support Mailvelope. If you encounter problems using Mailvelope or have questions about the add-on, please contact Mailvelope support.

Best regards,

The Posteo team