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New webmail interface available

Created at 23.September 2014, 18:53 | Category: Blog

Dear Posteo users,

We have some important information for you: From today, the new standard
design of our webmail interface is available.

You can now activate the new design in the settings of your account via
“Einstellungen” → “Benutzeroberfläche” → “Oberflächendesign” (or “Settings”
→ “User Interface” → “Interface Skin”, if your interface is set to English).
If you would like to use the design, simply choose “Standard” and confirm by
clicking “Save”.

During the last few months, our team has been working on the appearance of the
user interface. The webmail site is now more appealing, and easier to use. We
will continue to support the old design until early 2015. We recommend
switching to the new design now.

We will soon make additional versions of the new standard design available to
choose from. Other parts of the website – for example, the help section – will
be progressively updated to match the new design.

As part of the design update, some technological improvements have been made
in the background. These lay the foundation for various new features, such as
Posteo email account encryption, which we will be introducing this autumn.

Best regards,

The Posteo team