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Posteo awarded climate mobility prize from Deutsche Bahn

Created at 05.July 2023, 10:00 | Category: Blog

The award presentation at Deutsche Bahn

Posteo is the winner of Deutsche Bahn’s “Climate Mobility Challenge 2023”: At the award presentation in Berlin on 29 June, we were recognised for our sustainable mobility program.
Since 2022, Deutsche Bahn has aimed to incentivise companies with their competition to reduce CO2 emissions through environmentally-friendly mobility practices.

After the jury nominated us for the award in the “small company (up to 50 employees)” category, the final decision was made by the audience on Thursday evening during Deutsche Bahn’s “Mobility Symposium”. Afterwards, Posteo founder, Patrik Löhr and Dean Ceulic, accepted the award from Deutsche Bahn executive board member, Stefanie Berk.
We are pleased about the award!

An overview of our award-winning mobility program

Our team consists of 40 employees spread out all over Germany. Our mobility program is a part of the entire company’s sustainability strategy – over the years we have continued to expand upon it.

The Awards
The Awards

No Flights Policy: For climate protection reasons, we have refrained entirely from aeroplane travel already since our founding in 2009. In our experience, we have found that many destinations in continental Europe are also very accessible by train with regard to business trips.

Facilitating environmentally-friendly trips: Since 2014, we grant our employees 2 additional vacation days per year if they refrain from using aeroplanes when travelling abroad privately – and we also contribute towards travel costs (150 €, net) for the train ticket. Our intention with this voluntary offer is to create an incentive for environmentally-friendly trips by train and to compensate with additional vacation days for the longer journey. Since many years, this offer has been adopted and valued by our team.

Remote Positions: Most team members can work fully remotely as their positions allow for this. This reduces commuting and CO2 mobility-related emissions. We have decided to continue to offer remote work on an ongoing basis, even after the pandemic.

Free public transportation ticket: We provide all employees with a public transportation ticket free of charge. In fact, this also applies for those who work exclusively remotely or do not live in Berlin, where our company is located.

Accessible location: our offices are located centrally in Berlin and are easy to reach using public transportation, by bike or by foot.

Bike repair: we cover maintenance and repair costs, including replacement parts, for bikes that are also used for travelling to work. Our team gladly takes advantage of this offer. Additionally, we have rented car parking spots in the underground garage located beneath our office to set up secure bike parking.

Idea pool for companies

The prize winners in 2023
The prize winners in 2023

The “Climate Mobility Challenge” (German link) is a competition from Deutsche Bahn for companies and organisations to make sustainable employee and event mobility visible:
Company mobility policies are presented from a wide range of industries and company sizes on the competition website. As a result, it also serves as an idea pool for companies that are searching for sustainable mobility solutions.

In total, 54 companies participated in the competition this year. There were three categories: small, medium and large companies. Additionally, there was a special award in the “event mobility” category. In total, there have already been 120 mobility policies presented on Deutsche Bahn’s idea platform

“Employers are multipliers, bear responsiblity and can do a lot to avoid emissions through company policies. At Posteo, we also try to incentivise more climate protection in everyday life with free additional benefits for our team. Participating in the competition motivated us to expand upon this”, said Posteo founder, Patrik Löhr, during the award presentation.