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New at Posteo: Optional spam folder and spam log

Created at 17.October 2023, 17:20 | Category: Info

Dear Posteo customers,

We have released two new spam options. From now on, you can manage your mailbox with or without a spam folder – or use the spam log. The new options can be activated or deactivated in your account settings. Allow us to introduce them to you.

If you do not use a spam folder, emails that have been classified as spam are rejected and the sender is informed of this rejection. You save time in your daily routine as there is no spam folder that must be checked regularly and sorted through. Because from a legal point of view, emails in a spam folder are also generally considered as delivered. Additionally, your email address becomes considerably less enticing for spammers if their potentially dangerous digital trash is regularly rejected.

Attempts to reach out to someone are also often overlooked in spam folders or noticed much later. This is the reason why the Snoop Dogg song “Chai Tea with Heidi” almost didn’t exist because Heidi Klum overlooked an email sent by the rights holder, Rod Stewart, for almost two months in her spam folder. Email clients like Thunderbird, Outlook or smartphone apps may even automatically delete emails in spam folders after a short period of time. Therefore, please be sure to check the settings for deleting emails in your programs if you use a spam folder. Otherwise, communication could be lost. We do not delete emails from the spam folder.

Spam illustration

Spam folder: Receive all spam emails

Whoever decides to use the optional spam folder can check there at any time which emails have been classified as spam by us. All spam emails will be delivered in this folder.

From a customer service perspective, we know that it is very uncommon for spam to be falsely classified and is mostly only suspected. If an expected email is missing, in most cases it turns out that either the email address was misspelled or the message was sent to another email address. Often the email in question arrives shortly thereafter. Sometimes customers have also activated a filter that immediately sorts incoming emails to subfolders or deletes them. Or they use external email clients that sort emails into their own spam folders. Sometimes, it’s just that the inbox has also been accidentally sorted differently – and incoming emails are not longer displayed as usual.

Please check the scenarios described above if you have activated the spam folder and suspect that an email has not been received. From a technical standpoint, you can be sure that we deliver all emails sent to your mailbox, even if they have been classified as spam.

Activating the spam folder can lead to your email address becoming considerably more attractive for spammers – and result in you receiving more spam. Therefore, you can also temporarily activate your spam folder as needed. For example, during a period where you are sending off job applications and want to be absolutely sure that nothing can go wrong under any circumstance or that something may need to be clarified first.

Screenshots of the spam log in the Posteo web app
The spam log in the Posteo web app

Steer a middle course with the spam log

Are you not interested in managing a spam folder but still want to know which emails are rejected? Then, as an alternative to the spam folder, you can activate our new spam log.

By doing so, potentially dangerous spam emails will continue to be rejected. We also document each rejection for you transparently in a spam log folder. The log contains details about the sender, date, time and subject (if applicable) of the rejected email and is created in real-time. Warning: Sender names are often falsified by spammers.

Should you suspect that an email has been incorrectly rejected, you can check the log and know with immediate certainty.

Screenshot of a spam message
Images, attachments and links are deactivated in the spam folder

Be careful with spam

Regardless of whether you decide for or against a spam folder: Always be careful when dealing with suspicious emails. Never click on links or open attachments in such emails and never answer them. In general, legitimate senders do not request that you click on links and then enter login credentials or other data. For your security, images are not loaded in the spam folder and clicking on attachments and links is deactivated in the Posteo interface and our web app. If you move the email to another folder, contents can be loaded and clicked on as usual.

If a sense of urgency is suggested or pressure is exerted, it is often a clear indication of spam or phishing. This rule of thumb helps: Never give in to such harassment. If you are unsure, you can always first contact our free customer support. We can advise you how to deal with suspicious emails. There are also no dumb questions: Even IT professionals can become unnerved by well-made spam emails and will contact us. Our team always takes you seriously.

Best regards,
Your Posteo Team